14 Years of Salt-Away Later…

“I have a 2005 Carver 335S sport fisherman with about 450 hours on it. The boat has twin 6.0 Litre Crusader engines in it. I have been flushing the engines since it had 40 hours on it with Salt-Away… I keep the boat in Salt-Water year around. After 14 years of flushing, I was getting a little nervous about the manifolds and risers failing. Last week I removed the manifolds and risers to find that they were still in excellent condition. It is almost unbelievable. Since I had already purchased new manifolds and risers I went ahead and installed them. I have the used ones listed for sale in good condition. I will use your product forever in my saltwater boats. Thanks for making a product that is totally unreal. 

I am an advocate of your product! I tell everyone at our marina home about it… My mechanic was shocked when he saw the manifolds and risers… Kudos!  

The photos portray the ends of the exhaust elbows where the water and exhaust dump together to go out the exhaust pipes… These are not bad for 14 years, definitely reusable, I’ve seen much, much worse as in broken in multiple pieces when disassembled …… 

Folks really need to appreciate what a harsh environment these manifolds and risers exist in. They go from cool 20 degree gulf water temps to 350-450 degree exhaust temperatures and back again,every time you use the boat. The corrosion is fierce. Salt-Away eliminates the corrosion factor after the engines 

cool and the flush water is sitting in the block mixed with Salt-Away. I leave my engines sit all summer long with Salt-Away in them and when I return in autumn and fire them up I have never had an issue. My mechanic said my cooling impellers and my zincs have extended life also as a result of the product removing 

the salt. I have never changed the zincs in either of my engines since new!! It’s generally an annual replacement job without using salt away… that’s another sales feature! 

I was just out on the boat last week for a 6-day trip. When I arrived at my destination, I washed down with Salt-Away and then flushed both engines with Salt-Away. We returned to home port a week later and flushed again and washed down, all tucked away until next trip.  

My best wishes for your continued success selling the greatest salt water deterrent product in the world!” 

– Mark Muehlman